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Rock Climbing is Good For Body And Mind

Discover rock climbing’s unique physical and mental challenge, and the life

Young man climbs on a rocky wall in a valley with mountains

Ascending a cliff, boulder or even an indoor rock wall requires a large amount of physical strength and endurance. Some conquer climbs through nutritious meals and campus board pull-ups.

Rock climbing builds muscle and endurance. y beginners may believe, climbing requires much more than upper-body strength. The success of sending — or completing — a route relies heavily on a long list of physical factors, including intricate footwork, lower body strength and lean muscle mass.

Climbing boosts brain function.


Rock climbing reduces stress.

Exercise itself has been shown to reduce stress by increasing levels of norepinephrine, a chemical that helps balance our brains’ response to stress.


For many, rock climbing is about much more than getting a good workout and releasing stress. “From a physical standpoint it’s incredible exercise, but some of the best tidings I get from climbing are what I would define as spiritual,” Cedar Wright, team climber with The North Face, writer and filmmaker, tells The Huffington Post.



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Originally posted 2015-08-25 21:13:40.

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