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The Amazing Rock Climbing Tips For Beginners


How Rock Climbing tips help the climbers? Do you know some basic tips on how to rock climbing? Do you know some safety precautions to avoid accidents? Check it out this amazing tips for beginners.

1. Allow yourself to be a beginner.  I know that sounds too simple, but seriously, everyone has to start somewhere.  Don’t expect to be scampering up through the grades after just a few sessions.  It takes time and practice for your body to get used to your new favourite sport.

2. Get the right kit.  Having the right shoes and harness can really make a difference to your climbing when you’re getting started.  Don’t just hop on to ebay and buy the cheapest – they won’t fit you right and you’ll have wasted your money.  Go to your local climbing shop (we’re very luck to haveRock On here at Craggy Guildford!), try lots of different things on and take the advice that the shop assistant has to offer you.

3. Ask lots of questions.  If you’re new to climbing then you’ll be wanting to make sure that you fully understand everything so you don’t take any unnecessary risks.  The staff at a climbing wall are always very happy to answer any questions and give advice as necessary.  You’ll find other climbers are an invaluable source of information too and are, on the whole, an incredibly friendly bunch!

4. Get some tuition on your Technique.
 It can be tough to get the most out of your climbing physically when you’re just getting started.  A Private Lesson with an Instructor could give you all the skills you need to be trying harder climbs and succeeding on routes that just don’t seem possible at first.  If you’re feeling a bit skint, spend time watching other climbers to see how they do moves that you’re stuck on.  Even better, bring a friend to watch too and you can then advise each other on whether you did the moves right or not.

5.  Have Fun!  This is by far the most important piece of advice.  Don’t take climbing too seriously or you’ll be put off if you’re not starring in Mission Impossible by week 2!  Find people to climb with that make your trips to the wall enjoyable – you’ll look forward to every visit even more then and having a regular partner to climb with will motivate you to climb more often.


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Originally posted 2016-05-04 19:41:38.

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