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K2 Exclusive: Gavan and Lunger Are Fine and Going Up!

Today, ExplorersWeb reached Alex Gavan by phone at K2 Base Camp, where the mood is rather somber, despite the gorgeous day. The damaged gear in Camps 1 and 2 has most climbers deeply concerned. But Gavan and his partner, Tamara Lunger, were cautious enough to secure their gear in those higher camps and now have a much brighter outlook. “It seems that in Camp 2, five tents were blown away,” Gavan told ExWeb. “Our deposit in Camp 1, however, is fine because we put the tents down and we anchored every piece of equipment we had inside.” The pair have also secured their BC tents and the 10 blue plastic barrels with their 145kg of gear. A wise strategy: Even at Base Camp, the wind roared at 80kph yesterday. Because of their prudence/experience, while others ponder whether to call off…

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