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Legends Series: Doug Scott, 1941-2020

At one time, you could be forgiven for mistaking British mountaineer Doug Scott for the late Beatle John Lennon — same stringy hair, beard, and wire-framed, round glasses. But Scott didn’t just have the look, he had the talent to match. From the early 1970s to late 1980s, he was a true rock star of mountaineering: so much so, that for young male climbers, a photo of Scott on the summit of Everest often replaced the usual pin-up girl on their wall. Doug Scott died today of cerebral lymphoma, a form of brain cancer. He was 79. Scott came from the city of Nottingham in the Midlands of the UK, known to our international audience as the home of the legendary outlaw, Robin Hood. Nottingham also happens to be located conveniently near the limestone and gritstone outcrops of the Peak…

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