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Restarted: A Roundup of Long-Haul Expeditions on the Move

Since March, many expeditions around the world have been in limbo, waiting for COVID-19 restrictions to ease before restarting. By now, several have. Across the Atlas Mountains On August 20, Alice Morrison started walking 1,400km across the Atlas Mountains. This will be the third and final leg of her Moroccan Odyssey trilogy. She has already walked the length of the Draa River and across the Sahara. As before, a team of camels and three local guides are accompanying her.   After three weeks, they have covered around 350km, walking four to six hours a day. This is a little less than expected, but when they left the Mediterranean coast for the Rif Mountains, a heatwave struck. They had to endure 10 days of temperatures around 40 degrees, which lasted into the early evening. This was too much even for the…

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