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Weekend Warm-Up: Search for Paradise

It is 1957, and the world is a very different place. It is less globalized but still reeling from a global war. Old empires are collapsing, independence movements are flowering and “new” nations have been born. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin are still 12 years away from taking one small step for man, but we have managed to create thermonuclear weapons, and the threat of annihilation hangs in the air. The world is still 46 years from the first iPhone. Mercifully, live video-blogging your every action is still just a dystopian nightmare dreamed up by sci-fi writers. All this to say, I would not have expected 1957 to produce an immersive, panoramic travelogue to rural Hunza, Pakistan. Long before every Tom, Dick and Harry produced a running diary of their travels, it required some serious logistics to preserve your “holiday”…

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Originally posted 2020-06-21 04:12:04.

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