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The Most Dangerous Creatures You’ll Find in Water

The world’s oceans, lakes and rivers host hundreds expeditions and races every year (except perhaps this one). But water is dangerous… strong currents, rip tides and hypothermia are obvious risks. But what are the more unusual aquatic threats? Harmful Algal Blooms Harmful algal blooms occur when colonies of these simple photosynthetic creatures grow out of control. Some produce toxins that are harmful or even fatal to humans. Generally, HABs grow in warm, slow-moving water with lots of sunlight and are often more severe in polluted waters. Over the past decade, an increasing number of lakes closed to recreation because of HABs. In 2010, for example, local authorities shut Grand Lake St Mary’s, in western Ohio, after many people reported suffering stomach aches, rashes and numbness after swimming. One man, whose dog had died from HAB poisoning, struggled to walk, lost all…

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