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Steve House – Alpine Mentors Q+A

Steve House alpine climbingSteve House, co-author of Training for the Uphill Athlete, just launched a new series called Alpine Principles…

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Steve House is a La Sportiva Climbing Ambassador and a world-renowned alpinist with over three decades of experience climbing the world’s most extreme peaks in great style.

Residing in Ridgway, CO, Steve recently welcomed his second child into his family and is currently navigating the cruxes of parenthood. At the same time, Steve is touring for his 2nd book Training for the Uphill Athlete and is now releasing a video series that will provide insightful knowledge for staying safe in the alpine.

In 2012, Steve and his wife, Eva House, created a nonprofit called Alpine Mentors with the goal to establish a framework for the climbing community to encourage and facilitate mentorship within the climbing community. The goal of Alpine Mentors is to teach good decision making in the mountains.

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Q: Who are the Alpine Mentors principles for?

A: All alpine climbers, but especially those developing their sense of judgment.


Q: Are these videos relevant to weekend warriors who have no intent to Alpine Climb any time soon?

A: In the broadest sense most of these principles apply to life just as much as they do to climbing.


Q: Where and when can I find the Alpine Mentors video series?



Q: Which of the 5 principles is your favorite and why?

A: “Pay Attention” is the most difficult to master, and the most subtle, so that’s my favorite.


Q: Has there been any moments since you created this framework that you’ve used these principles either on or off the mountain?

A: All the time. And I keep thinking of new principles that would make some great future episodes.


Q: How can readers and viewers get in touch with you or interact with Alpine Mentors?

A: We hope to interact with people through the comments on the videos. They can also reach us directly at 


To watch the rest of the series, go to for more videos.

To learn more about the why behind Alpine Mentors, visit


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Originally posted 2020-02-29 21:37:15.

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