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Introducing the Morsel Spork

Morsel Spork

Morsel is determined to innovate in the technical food-stuff realm for one simple reason: everyone eats…

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And following in the footsteps of their original spork-spatula-hybrid eating utensils, Morsel is hoping to disrupt the technical spork market once again with their new ultralight metal and silicone spork

If you’re wondering what makes Morsel’s sporks so special, you’re not alone.  Their original plastic and rubber spork just won Outside Magazine’s 2020 Spork Shootout thanks to its unique and functional design, and their new Metal Spork promises to be the next evolution in spork-tech. The new design features ultra light (and ultra strong) 7075-T6 aluminum and high-temp silicone, and retains the functional shape and unique features that made their original sporks so special.

Two people camping and using the spork

For starters, Morsel’s new Metal Spork features an optional silicone-covered spoon. In addition to being safe for non-stick pots and pans, the silicone conforms to the sides of whatever you’re eating up out of, so you can scrape every last bite of food when you’re hungry – or faced with a big bowl of brownie batter.

Specs of the Morsel Spork

Morsel’s Metal Spork also features a totally unique asymmetric spoon shape that’s designed to scrape food from tight corners, big bowls, flat plates, and deep bags – pretty much anything you’d eat out of. Paired with a full-size fork on the other end of the handle, the result is a surprisingly functional spork that’s equally adept at twirling spaghetti or digging deep into a bag of dehydrated food. 

The two sizes of the Morsel Spork

Morsel’s new Metal Sporks are available in 7.5 and 10.5 inch lengths – the long “XL” version is perfect for dehydrated food bags. If you’re a real weight weenie they also offer an all-metal version that weighs a scant 0.5 ounces – a few grams lighter than the silicone version. The hard-anodized 7075-T6 aluminum is lighter and stronger than titanium, so this may be the ultimate ultralight eating utensil.

If you haven’t heard of Morsel, you’re not alone. This boot-strapped cottage industry spork startup launched their original Morsel Spork on Kickstarter in 2018, raising over $160k and successfully shipping over 30,000 sporks to hungry hikers.The Morsel Spork cover

Want one? You can snag a heavily discounted Metal Metal Spork if you order through their Kickstarter campaign, which is live February 18th till March 20th. Click the link below to learn more.


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Originally posted 2020-02-24 16:37:20.

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