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Antarctica Week Four: Summertime and the Weather is Fine

Week four brought beautiful weather for those heading to the South Pole, but the calm winds have Geoff Wilson stuck in the doldrums on his way to the coldest point on Earth. Longest Polar Expedition After visiting the Lenin statue at the Point of Inaccessibility, Geoff Wilson continued pushing toward the South Pole. For four days he made good progress, navigating sastrugi and breaking the 2000km mark. But a fuel leak from the previous week was preying on his mind. Wilson had lost three fuel bottles because of leakage while rattling over sastrugi, and though these were redundancy supplies, this loss of his margin for error bothered him. After making food and fuel calculations, he eventually decided not to press on to the South Pole, an area known for long windless periods. Instead, he will head on toward his primary…

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Originally posted 2019-12-13 12:37:08.

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