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The Mad Rock Redline Climbing Shoe Review

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The Mad Rock Redline Climbing Shoe Review

Are you Looking for a new climbing shoe? These are well worth trying out! Mad Rock have been known previously for creating budget products which people would often shy away from thinking the lower cost had some correlation with quality. The new Redline sets to change that precedent and show that they not only make high quality, but that they can also role with the larger climbing companies when it comes to pushing the envelope of climbing innovation and technology.

Mad Rock Redline climbing shoe
For your hardest bouldering problems and redpoint sport climbing projects, reach for the Mad Rock Redline rock climbing shoe. Designed by pro climber Obe Carrion, this aggressive shoe utilizes an Arch Flex system and Power Tape for a glove-like fit that channels your power into precision edging performance. For more than two decades, Obe Carrion-the first Mad Rock Athlete-has injected his urban attitude into climbing culture. Throughout capturing multiple championships, sending high-level problems, and coaching top youth climbers, Obe still identifies himself as an inner-city kid. And that means status equates to a sick pair of kicks. This shoe is unlike anything that has been on the market previously due to a number of features including the very unique and very useful, moulded compression tongue which makes this fit like a slipper and a tie in in one.

The shoe also utilises Mad Rocks Tek Flex upper which is designed to let the foot “breath”. I’ve never yet used a shoe that truly breaths, but this is about as close as it gets currently in the climbing footwear world. The sole is fitted with R2 rubber which combined with the Arch Flex technology, keeps the shoes shape even when the foot is loaded in unlike many other shoes which tend flatten out.

We found this great review from our friends name new england bouldering he says” Back in the heart of the bouldering boom, there was no one that was more enthusiastic or tried harder than Obe Carrion.  The yin to Chris Sharma’s yang, Obe took the bouldering world by storm with his personality and hard sends.  Who can forget Obe yelling at himself to not let go (Don’t you let go) in the Big Up classic Free Hueco? Unfortunately, Obe burned out and left the climbing scene for a while.  Fortunately, Obe is back and has put his enthusiasm into coaching (heard of Ashima?) and designing gear for Mad Rock.


Obe hooked us up with a pair of his new Mad Rock shoes, the Redline to test drive.  Here’s our take on the “game-changing climbing shoe that pushes you through the redline for the send.”

  • First impression out of the box, these shoes are well designed, well made, and look good!
  • The sizing was right in line with my street shoes, which I thought would be too big. However, these shoes aren’t designed to stretch and the fit was perfect from the start.
  • The elastic support bands that keep the tongue in place are genius.  There is no way for the tongue to be anywhere than where it should be.
  • Can you say aggressive?!?  The concave sole and Arch Flex Technology creates a super aggressive fit that works on the steepest of boulder problems.  One thing is for sure, this ain’t no slab climbing shoe!

Overall, these shoes get a higher rating as the angle of your projects gets steeper.  The aggressive fit focuses the power on the toe and for steep climbs; you won’t find a better shoe.  If you are into slabs or lower angle climbs, this shoe is not the one for you. Read more.

Source: newenglandbouldering

The Best of Mad Rock Redline Climbing Shoe Review

Do you know that Mad Rock as a game-changer, the Redline is a stylishly designed, aggressive shoe designed for steep, technical, overhanging routes. It features elastic support bands which keep the tongue firmly in place while you’re climbing, as well as Mad Rock’s Arch Flex Technology, which accounts for the radically down-turned profile and sends power into the toe for superior edging ability. The entire shoe utilises interlinking technologies to ensure a glove-like fit and uncompromising shape.
rockFrom steep sport routes to complex bouldering problems, the Mad Rock Men’s Redline Climbing Shoe offers an aggressive downturned toe for effortless pushing and perching on overhanging walls. Its perforated Tek Flex upper offers enhanced breathability and just a little give compared to Mad Rock’s original non-stretch fabric. The molded compression tongue works in conjunction with the shoe’s Arch Flex system, hugging your foot for a glove-like fit.

You’ll appreciate the shoe’s molded Heel Clutch, which connects to the lacing system for extra heel-hooking power. This heel is constructed of super sticky rubber for unparalleled sensitivity. Additionally, this high-performance climbing shoe uses Mad Rock’s R2 rand rubber formula for unbelievable comfort and super-sticky performance on technical routes and complex bouldering problems.

  • Perforated Tek Flex upper
  • Molded compression tongue
  • Heel Clutch (connected to lacing system)
  • Two-way stretch silicone frame
  • Spiral last (downturned/cambered)
  • Arch Flex System with R2 rubber (1.8-millimeters)
  • Power Tape
  • Item #MRC000G

The Mad Rock Redline Climbing Shoe Products Review

The Rock climbing shoe that pushes you through the redline for the send. For more than two decades, Obe Carrion – the first Mad Rock athlete – has injected his urban attitude into climbing culture. All through capturing multiple championships, sending high-level problems, and coaching top youth climbers, Obe still identifies himself as an inner-city kid. And that means status equates to a sick pair of kicks.

Heel Clutch
Manufacture with super sticky rubber, Mad Rock’s latest heel tensioning system for the Redline gives you unparalleled sensitivity along with enough power for any heel hook. The molded heel piece is connected to the lacing system which provides control over volume and tension.

Spiral Last
Downturned, cambered, rotated and twisted to place your feet into the best position to get the most out of your rock shoes. A brand new last developed for the most demanding climber out there.

Silicon Frame
Unique two way stretch framing technology provides a dynamic fit for all different varieties of foot shapes. Also helps to maintain the non-stretch aspects of the upper material for maximum performance.

  • Molded Compression Tongue: Used in conjunction with Arch Flex technology, Mad Rock’s new tongue design locks and hugs your foot into place. The molded tab is easier to manipulate for better entry and exit from the shoe.
  • Power Tape: Reduces the bulging issue found in downturned climbing shoes by preventing the rand rubber from overstretching. Also supports better edging performance where it’s needed.
  • Perforated Tek Flex: Mad Rock’s latest upper material provides great breathability along with a little give compared to the original non-stretch fabric.
  • Patented Concave Sole: Mad Rock’s innovative and patented Concave Sole allows climbers to utilize their feet as they would their hands. Concave Soles are optimal for grabbing at holds while climbing on overhangs, and also help to create a sharper edge and better support for standing on tiny holds and edges.
  • Arch Flex: By utilizing our 1.8mm thick R2 rand rubber formula, the Arch Flex system gives our high performance shoes an unbelievable comfortable, but glove-like fit. The elastic property in Mad Rock’s R2 formula hugs and locks your foot into place without the pain associated with other high performance shoes.


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