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Hello and Welcome to the Family!

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Greetings and Welcome to the Rock Climbing Center family.

You are in for a big treat over the next few days and weeks, and – in fact it might even feel like Christmas as we are going to have so much free training and exciting content for you that you will almost become an expert.

You will be getting all of the content from us in your emails, so the very first thing you need to do is whitelist our email so that none of it gets blocked. Star it, and make us a favorite and be sure you assign us to your primary mailbox. You will also want to create a special folder the keep our emails in because over time it is going to be a fantastic permanent collection that you might want to go back and re-read at some point. So set up that personal folder right now.

Directions for whitelisting our email is here: Whitelist Instructions

Go here now — and then check your email for our Welcome Email.

We need this in place now because Your Mini-Course Starts Tomorrow. There will be some starter content in your mailbox too, but be sure you do the Whitlelist routine first so that you don’t miss anything.

We have most of the Free Mini-Course completed and are now working on some bonus modules for you so over the next few days and weeks we hope to provide you with some very exciting content.

We will also periodically provide some ideas for additional training and products for those who want to learn not only what you need to do, but also learn more on specifics of How to get to the Next Level. We have put a lot into gathering this information for you and so watch for our emails and enjoy.

One final note is that you have our permission to forward and share all of our emails so if you see something you like or that your friends will like feel free to forward it.

Ashley and the entire Rock Climbing Center Team


P.S. For those who can’t wait we are going to list a few of our favorite programs and products below.

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